Details of the Goptimiz updates.

December 9th 2017 : gen 3

The new Pokémons, movesets changes and eggs hatches have been added.

Raid bosses :

 Please contact me on Twitter if you have a suggestion to improve Goptimiz or if you find any bug.

November 5th 2017 : 1st raid rotation

Raid bosses :

  • The new raid bosses have been added.

Fight simulations :

  • Pokémons can now be powered up to the level 39.5, the fight simulations have been changed accordingly.

July, 27th 2017 : Legendaries

  • Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Lugia are now taken into account during the fight simulations.
  • Minor text fixes on each Pokémon's page.

June, 22th 2017 : Goptimiz optimized

New stuff :

  • Added a fight simulator, so you can know in advance what will happen during any fight.

Changes :

  • The code of the website (server-side) has been completely rewritten and upgraded in order to face up to the upcoming Pokémon Go updates.
  • Non fully-evolved Pokémons are now taken into account during the battle simulations.
  • Changed the displayed stats for every move (damage per second, energy per second, damage per energy).
  • Small graphic redesign of the website.

27th February 2017 : prestige !

  • The best prestigers page is now available. You will find the top 5 prestigers against each Pokémon.
  • Added a "Prestige" tab on each Pokémon's individual page. This tab contains the full list of Pokémons who can prestige against it.
  • Still on the individual Pokémons pages, in the "Using" tab. The average defensive score of the Pokémons is now shown. You can now sort them by defensive score in order to see which strong Pokémons one Pokémon can counter.
  • Added the defensive score on the best defenders page.

23th february 2017 : about !

The about page has been rewritten. This change is the first step of a serie of change of the textual content of the site.

17th february 2017 : second generation !

Generation 2 Pokémons are now roaming in the wild :

  • Updated quick moves and charged moves.
  • Updated gen 2 Pokémons.
  • Updated IV Calculator.
  • More updates are comming (legacy moveset changes, egg changes, evolution planner …)
  • Added gender ratio for each Pokémon.

15th january 2017 : ready for 2017 !

2nd generation Pokémons are now available on Goptimiz !

New tool :

  • XP Calculator : calculate how much time you will need to reach superior levels.

Farewell podium ! The podium page has been replaced by 3 ranking pages :

Graphic redesign :

  • Navigation bar modification (this is a test, please tell me what you think about it).
  • Redesign of most of the website's pages (some "minor text fixes" are already planned).
  • Added some transitions and animations on the whole website, so it appears smoother to the eye.

Others :

  • The scores of movesets are now given in percentage. More info about why (and about fight simulations) here.
  • You can now use the IV Calculator while offline. Just load the page in a place where you have an internet access and keep the page in the background.
  • The changelog now has its own page and you are currently on it !
  • Technical upgrate of the website : loading times have been reduced, everything is going faster (even with the increasing number of visitors on Goptimiz) ! Because one second that is not spent on loading a page is one second gained to play Pokémon Go.

29th november 2016 : formulas

  • The formulas used by the website have been updated. Rankings have changed.

12th november 2016 : small update

  • Added a list of advised movesets on the page of every fully evolved Pokémon.
  • Pokémon pages calculate the minimum IV this Pokémon needs to have to be worth powering-up.

29th october 2016 : podium

  • Added the podium page, that lists the best counters and ranks the best offensive Pokémons of the game.
  • The fight simulation algorithm has been updated due to the new version of Pokémon Go.
  • Many modifications have been made, both in the content and in the code of the website.

19th september 2016 : mobile-friendly

  • Data tables have been simplified to fit smaller screen resolutions. It is possible to show all the data by clicking on the "Show details" button.
  • If your browser allows it, your choice will be saved and will work on all pages where such a button is present. This data will be stored on your device, not on Goptimiz's servers.
  • Someone took advantage of this update to show the maximum CP of a Pokémon (considering it has 100% IV) on the Pokédex page.
  • The loading time of all pages has been greatly reduced.

17th september 2016 : english version

  • Goptimiz is now available in english !
  • It is possible to switch from one language to another with the button "FR" or "EN" in the menu.