Q&A about Pokémon Go and in-depth files and guides about the game mechanics.

 Latest FAQ update 11/12/2016 (Pokémon Go version : 0.45.0)

Should I power-up or evolve my Pokémon first ?

Is it better to power-up a Pokémon first, then evolve it ? Does it change the maximum final CP of my Pokémon ?

The order in which you evolve or power-up doesn't affect the final CP of a Pokémon, nor the candies and dust costs to power-up.
However, it is better to evolve first and power-up after. Indeed, if we evolve the Pokémon and it ends up with a bad moveset, we wouldn't have spent candies and dust on a Pokémon that is not worth the price.

Should I power-up my Pokméon or wait until I catch a better one ?

One of my Pokémons have XX% IV (and a good moveset), is it worth powering up ?

Everything is about balance. If you power-up your Pokémon now, but you catch a better one before powering it up to the max, you will lack candies to power up the next one. On the other hand, if you wait too long for the "perfect Pokémon", your candies stock will grow without being useful and you will not power-up a Pokémon for a very long time.
In order to answer to this question, each Pokémon's page advise minimum IV for this Pokémon.
Spoiler : in most cases, this number is 91.1% IV.

Here are the steps made to calculate this number :

  • How many candies are necessary to evolve and power-up this Pokémon to the max, from its non-evolved form at level 1 ? This number is the maximum candy cost for this Pokémon species.
  • How many Pokémons do we have to catch in order to get this much candies ?
  • If we catch this many Pokémons, what would be the average IV of the best of them ?

The result indicates the minimum IV that a Pokémon should have so that it doesn't cost more candies than you are able to gain on average. This is the point where powering-up becomes better than waiting.

What is the max level ?

What is the maximum level a player can reach ?

Currently, it is only possible to reach the level 40. Getting to this level requires 20.000.000 total XP.
When Pokémons of the next generation will be available, the maximum level will be increased.

How do I know if a Pokémon is a good defender ?

What parameters should I take into account when determining how good a Pokémon is for defending gyms ?

No matter which Pokémon you place in a gym, if a player wants to defeat it, he will succeed : it's only a matter of time (and potions).
The best a Pokémon can do, is to make the fight last as long as possible and to deal the maximum amount of damage possible before fainting, so the opponent will lose as much time and potions as possible if he wants to fight.
In the best scenario, the player who wants to defeat the gym will give up, because it will need too much ressources to succeed.

Why do some Pokémons appear in my Pokédex ?

Some Pokémons appear as seen in my Pokédex, but I've never seen them in the wild.

Just like in every other Pokémon games, Pokémons located in gyms count as seen for your Pokédex.

Do real time data influence Pokémon spawns ?

Do some real time data (hour, rain, wind, storms, temperature etc) influence which Pokémons will spawn ?

No. Pokémon Go doesn't use any real time data in order to determine which Pokémon will spawn. However, there are biomes which determine which Pokémon species can appear in a specific area.

For example : Grass and Bug type Pokémons spawn more frequently in parcs and forests, Water Pokémons appear more frequently next to some rivers, beaches, fountains ...

At this time, we still don't know many things about biomes. However, some researches are being made by TheSilphRoad (and you can help them).

Do rarer Pokémons spawn where many people gather ?

Do rarer Pokémons have more chances to spawn if many players are playing Pokémln Go at the same place, at the same time ?

No. Areas where rare Pokémons spawn attract many Pokémon trainers, not the opposite. ;-)