Fast IV Calculator for Pokémon Go. Calculate your Pokémon's IV, evolutions, CP and cost for each level.

This tool combines the stats of your Pokémon and the leader's appraisal to estimate in the most precise way the possible IV of your Pokémon.

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  If you don't want the leader's appraisal and the trainer's level (if you only have a screenshot of the Pokémon, for example), use the basic calculation. In order to get the best possible results, use the precise calculation.


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Refine the results to reduce the number of possible combinations. In order to refine the results, power-up your Pokémon and select the new values below :

Refine the results

 This Pokémon's stats will not allow to reduce the number of possible combinations with only one refining. You will have to use this tool several times in a row.